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Movie Fun Savings for Families

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Dollarphotoclub_36629456A night at the movies can be a great get-together for the entire family whether at the theater or at home. Hollywood is getting more family conscious and producing more movies for general audiences so the selection is better than in times past.

If you’re not sure about a certain movie’s content, go online and do your research. You can’t always go by the rating but that’s a good place to start. You might wonder sometimes how a movie got a PG rating.

Movies, like most everything else in life, are not as affordable as they used to be. Depending on what city you live in you can expect to spend $7 to $10 or more for an adult ticket and about $2 less for children under 12. Discounts are available for students who provide a valid school ID.

What time you go to a movie makes a difference. Most theaters offer a matinee discount of several dollars if you catch the afternoon showings. These usually are the movies shown before 5 PM.

Some theaters also have super value days when you get matinee prices all day. This is typically on a slow day such as Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Unfortunately, there still is no discount at the concession counter no matter what time you go.

Find a dollar movie theater or at least one that offers very cheap tickets. They show the same features although a few weeks later than first run theaters. It’s worth a wait if you want to save money.

You’ll probably also save money on popcorn, candy and drinks but perhaps have to forego some comforts like stadium seating. Most discount movies are shown in the older theaters and may not be as plush as the modern ones.

Drive-In theaters are still found in some cities and are as a rule bargains and fun. Some offer first run movies at a discount or even allow the entire carload to get in for one price. Drive-In movies are ideal for families because you can bring in food and drinks. Bring your lawn chairs too and sit outside if you want.

Dive-In movies are gaining popularity in pools and parks. Many swimming pools and parks offer free movies and popcorn. Families can lounge poolside if they don’t want to get wet or watch the movie from the cool water.

Have a movie night at home for the family. But, do more than just rent a DVD by involving the entire family and creating a more theater like atmosphere. Pop some popcorn for the aroma and darken the room. With a DVD, you’re in control and can schedule an intermission for bathroom breaks and snacks of pickles, candy and ice cream in addition to the popcorn.

To save money on movie DVDs join a movie club and get your movies by mail. Finish one and they’ll mail you another one. Families can enjoy selecting the movies together. Movies are a great way to escape and provide the family an affordable night together.


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