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Pets Can Have a Calming Effect on You

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Dollarphotoclub_62211434Pets have been a wonderful asset to many families. Some can help with the farm work, some can control the mouse population for us and others can keep us calm and relaxed with their mere presence.

More people are getting various breeds of pets these days as they realize the effect they can have – not only on your physical health – but your emotional health as well. Studies have shown that pets can reduce heart ailments, which is one of the reasons some nursing homes bring pets in every so often to let the residents there spend some time with them.

Pets provide the residents with calmness and companionship, too. Dogs are known for being man’s best friend, but the loyalty and companionship they provide do more than just make you smile. Their protective demeanor and attention to our own moods makes us feel as if we have someone constantly in tune with what we need.

Known as Animal Assisted Therapy, this isn’t just something that’s made up to reflect how much people love their pets – it’s a formal treatment program used by healthcare officials that you can adopt into your own life.

Pets can help alleviate stress. But they also take away loneliness and depression. Since dogs live for a long time (on average about 10-15 years), they can provide long-term loving relationships for you to come home to on a daily basis.

Pets – from dogs to birds and other breeds – can also entertain you whenever you need a lift in your mood. Young pets are very playful and they thrive on the attention you give them, helping take your mind off of your own troubles.

Even if you do nothing other than let your pet sit in your lap while you pet it, you’ll be reaping many health rewards. Petting an animal reduces your blood pressure, and it’s great for those suffering from arthritis because it makes use of your hands and arms.

Domesticated pets can be beneficial in providing you with many stress-relieving benefits, but if you try to adopt an exotic animal into your life that’s meant for the wild, you may get more than you bargained for.

If stress relief is what you’re after, find a pet that’s social in nature – friendly and accepting to everyone. You may or may not want an animal that’s hyper or requires a lot of care.

Make sure your animal is trainable so that you don’t wind up even more stressed because of the disobedience issues you’re running into on a regular basis. Take time to tame your pet and the two of you will provide the long-lasting perks that a solid friendship has to offer.


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