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12 Adorable Christmas Recipes

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I’ve gathered a collection of delicious adorable Christmas recipes for you to try, including Reindeer Cupcakes,  Melted Snowmen Treats, Banana Santas, Hard Boiled Snowmen, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Cake, and more.

Hope they bring some Holiday Joy to your dining guests!

1) Reindeer Cupcakes

Create these adorable Reindeer Cupcakes using pretzel antlers, Nilla Wafer snouts, White M&M eyes with black icing, Peanut Butter M&Ms and Cadbury chocolate balls for the noses.Screenshot_121815_123932_PM

via: With Sprinkles on Top

2) Melted Snowmen Treats

I found a recipe for these adorable melted snowmen at Holiday Cottage Page. I love their little Peanut Butter Cup hats. With the weather we’ve been having this year, no wonder these poor guys have melted.


via: Holiday Cottage Page

3) Banana Santa

Here’s a cute and healthy Christmas treat! All you need are bananas, strawberries, large marshmallows, small marshmallows, chocolate sprinkle eyes, M&M noses, and optional skewers. You can include some whip cream for snow as an added touch.

Banana Santas

via: Clean & Scentsible

4) Hard Boiled Snowmen

What better way to make eating healthy fun than with these cute little snowmen made out of hard boiled eggs, peppercorns, carrots, pasta and parsley?


via: Roxy’s Kitchen

5) Rudolf the Red-Nosed Cake

Reindeer never looked so yummy!  Create this masterpiece and watch it become a favorite for all of your guests!


via: Bakers Corner

6) Apple Christmas Tree

Create this fun Christmas Apple Tree using sliced apples branches, rasberry Christmas bulbs, and a pretzel trunk. Top it off with a strawberry tree topper.

Apple Christmas Tree

via: Clean & Scentsible

7) Pancake Tree

OK, so it’s Christmas time, why not get a little naughty with M&Ms on your pancakes. There’s always the New Year to re-start your diet.

Create your tree with varying sizes of Pancakes, Raspberry and M&E ornaments, topped off with a Strawberry and a dollop of Whip Cream snow. Also, surround the tree with more Whip Cream snow. Yum!


via: Clean & Scentsible

8) Snowmen Cupcakes

Looking for something creative for that holiday party or for the kids?  These snowmen cupcakes are sure to be real crowd-pleasers!


via: All You

9) Rice Crispy Treat Ornaments

Create these fun Rice Crispy Treat Ornaments using Rice Krispies, Marshmallows, Butter, Color Sprinkles, topped off with a tooth-picked Rolo candy.


via: Amy’s Finer Things

10) Cheesecake Christmas Tree

I found this delicious Cheesecake recipe in Woman’s Day. Wow your guests with the tree cheese cake. Hopefully their won’t be creature stirring. Especially a mouse!


via: WomansDay

11) Rudolf the Red-Nosed Pancakes

Who says you can’t have holiday treats for breakfast?  These Rudolph-inspired pancakes are sure to please all your little ones!


via: Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

 12) Snow Globe Cake

This Snow Globe cake almost looks too beautiful to eat! If you have a little extra time and really want to go for the Wow factor, this recipe…takes the cake.

The all natural ingredients make this recipe as yummy as it is attractive!


via: Taste of Home

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