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Embrace Walking Meditation to Double Your Health Benefits

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Embrace-Walking-Meditation-to-Double-Your-Health-BenefitsWe already know that walking delivers a measured health benefit to your physical self. It provides cardiovascular benefits, helps you burn calories, and improves blood flow to various parts of your body.

But what you may not have considered is combining your walking time with a mental and spiritual meditation program to enhance the benefits walking has to offer you. Usually, when most people take up walking, they do it because it’s a form of exercise that minimizes injuries and isn’t complicated to learn.

There’s no special equipment needed. You just put one foot in front of the other and you’re instantly on your way to better health. But pair this with meditation, or mindful walking, and you get more out of your time spent putting foot to the pavement.

Walking meditation is when you aren’t walking mindlessly, but instead focus on each step. You don’t have to increase your speed, and in fact, you might even walk slower than usual at first until you get the hang of meditating while walking.

When you focus on your walking, make mental notes of how light or heavy your foot feels as it lifts off the ground and returns to the pavement after each step. Walking meditation is rooted in the art of Ayatana, a Buddhist concept where you’re in touch with your senses.

When you’re using walking meditation, you’re focused on the experience of walking, keeping your mind focused, not on the troubles of your day, but on the process you’re using – the details of each step you’re taking with your right foot, then left foot.

Traditional meditation often has the person shutting their eyes to concentrate on their mental clarity. With walking meditation, you have to see where you’re going, so you’re absorbing your outside environment and processing it with mental clarity.

It’s best to conduct your walking meditation in an area that feels calm and inviting, not right in the middle of a downtown construction site. Try to endure your walk for at least 20 minutes at a time.

Begin walking with a god posture and concentrate on the sensations your feet feel. Let your arms hand down and keep your focal point about 3-6 feet in front of you as you walk.

Walking itself will help your body in many ways, including providing more serotonin to help boost your mood. Add meditation to the mix and you have an even more powerful exercise program that improves your mind as well as your body.


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