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Senior Playgrounds for Exercise and Socializing

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Senior Citizen playgrounds have been a hit in Europe and Asia, and now they may be coming to a park near you. So far 53 Senior friendly playgrounds have been built in the US.

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The nonprofit KaBoom and Humana wants to encourage seniors to get out and exercise and socialize at these parks. Parks typically only include equipment for children while adults only get benches and walking paths. Kaboom and Humana have a vision to expand past the Senior Playgrounds of Europe and Asia, and create multi-generational playgrounds with both low-impact exercise equipment for seniors and the typical slides and swings for children.

Senior PlaygroundSeniors are encouraged to exercise at their own pace using outdoor exercise bikes, elliptical machines as well as equipment for balance and stretching.

Kaboom! has a map of playgrounds on their site. But, they don’t seem to indicate which ones have equipment for Seniors. I’ve contacted them to find out how you can find a park near you. Or, if you find out how to find a senior park, please email me and I’ll update this article.

You can try contacting the non-profit Kaboom to find a park near you. Or find out how you can get involved in getting a Senior Playground in your neighborhood.

Kaboom Map of Local Playgrounds

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