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Battle Of The Bulge In Sensual 1940’s Glamour

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The battle of the bulge is a timeless one. Even in the 1940’s women were struggling to attain that ever-elusive perfect hour-glass figure. The difference in then in now is how glamorous these ladies look while working out. And, their equipment looks like it came from aliens, with robot-like machines moving all over just about every place on their bodies:

And for the next clip, the narrator even warns that if you are willing to be beaten, and you can take it, the machines will fight the good fight for you:

Now comes the glamour girl workout emphasizing work on the upper frontal area of the body for optimum bosom enhancement:

Finally, from sensual floor work on mats, to scary (and precariously wobbly) machines resembling exercise bikes and ski exercisers, as well as other fearsome-looking equipment:

Featured Photo: Salon

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