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Remember Those Groovy and Far Out Sixties Hairstyles?

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In transition from the big hair of the 1950’s, and on the threshold of the coming freaky and frizzy onslaught of the hippie age, many of the 1960s hairstyles were elegant with a glamorous flare. Big curls and lots of lift were boss:


          Jane Fonda 1963                         Raquel Welch 1967                            Nancy Sinatra circa 1960
jane fonda raquel welch nancy sinatra
Photos: Huffington Post


The painstaking and time-consuming procedures required to achieve these foxy looks made the results much more of a wonder and a marvel. Keep in mind that there were no hand-held blow-dryers, meaning that one must sit under a huge monstrosity for a minimum of an hour, and then sleep with hair-rollers the size of coke cans all night. Can you imagine having to sleep sitting up so that your curls would properly set? It doesn’t look like fun:


Photos: Fifties Web and Flickr


One highly popular ladies hairstyle was the “Beehive,” known to keep the hair out of the face with front and side sweeps, as well as specific flips at the tip of the hair. With a hive-shape and intense backcombing, the “do” could last a number of days. It was all the rage among celebrities of the time including Ann Margret and Audrey Hepburn:

Photos: Hairstyleco and Erastyles


And, a beehive could also be worn to tie up longer hair in a half up half down style, like the fab looks the Ronettes and Bridgette Bardot wore:


Photos: Hair-And-Makeup-Artist and Style Noted


“Flip” styles were also hip, and were used alone as well as a part of many other hairstyles. This was the case whether hair was short or long, especially with bouffant and fringe styles discussed below.


Photo: Hairstyleco


While the “Bouffant” first gained popularity in the late 1950s, it changed impressively in size during the 1960s. With severe backcombing, the style really looked great with a flip, or with smooth rounded curls under. Hairpieces were also used on the crown to get extra-neato bouff. Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Dusty Springfield, and The Shangi-Las all gracefully wore this style.


       Jackie Kennedy 1962 Bouffant with Flip                      Ladybird Johnson 1965 Bouffant with Flip                         Dusty Springfield Bouffant Under Curl
jackie kennedy Lady Bird Johnson models the full-lenth coat of double-woven satin with fur-trimmed sleeves that she will wear to the Inaugural Ball on Januuary 20, The Jonquil yellow coat and classic style gown of matching material were designed by John Moore of New York            Photos Left to Right: Huffington Post, NY Daily News , and The Vintage Fair


                                                                                                                       Photo: Pitchfork


The “Bob” hairstyle was a 1960’s gas, with a big round bouffant, or sharp-shaped lines and angles. Bouffant bobs were flicked up and out, or curled under. Angled styles were left smooth and sleek:

                             Jane Fonda                                                     Barbara Eden                                   Barbara Streisand                                        Annette Funicello
The 1960′s was a time of making statements and bouffant hairstyles ...  Photos Left To Right: Gvenny, DB18, Julienslive, Examiner.com


“Ponytails” were also right on in the 1960s, due to their easy wear. There were many variations, ranging from casual to classy. Some were worn with long hair in combination with either a bouffant or beehive style, while others were worn as a low ponytail with a teased crown:

 Hair Styles
Photos Left To Right: 1905, HJI, and The Fashion Blog


Last, but definitely not least, is another sharp 60s style known as “The Fringe.” This style gave glamour to the face, and also looked sleek when simply worn full and straight. Fringes were worn at least to the eyebrow length for style and an air of mystery, and were often used with flips, under curls, and pony tails. While side swept fringes were also fashionable, forward fringes were more highly preferred:

                                Goldie Hawn                                                                     Marlo Thomas                                                                                  Sally Field
                                                     Cher                                                                Shirley MacLaine
                                                                                                                              Photos: Left To Right: CNN(2), HJI, Doctor Macro, and Jar London Co


Featured Image: Trend Fashions 2013

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