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1950’s “Ethel and Albert” Star Peg Lynch Dies At 98

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Broadcasting entertainment pioneer Peg Lynch died Friday at her home in Becket, Massachusetts. She was 98. Lynch both wrote and starred in “Ethel and Albert,” one of television’s earliest situation comedies. The show comically detailed the daily lives of Ethel and Albert Arbuckle, an average American couple who lived in a town called Sandy Harbor. Watch an original television Episode:

Beginning as a radio broadcast, the comedy became a weekly Saturday-night television series on NBC in 1953. The series later moved to CBS, and then again to ABC Before ending in 1956.

Born on Nov. 25, 1916, in Lincoln, Nebraska, at the age of two, Lynch moved with her mother to Minnesota after losing her father in the 1918 flu pandemic.

During her teens, Lynch gained experience working at a radio station owned by the father of one of her classmates, where she recruited sponsors. During this time, she managed to interview a number of celebrities including Lou Gehrig, Jeanette MacDonald, Ernest Hemingway and Knute Rockne, when they came into town to visit the Mayo Clinic, where her mother worked as a receptionist.

Lynch graduated from high school two years early, and attended the University of Minnesota from which she graduated in 1937. Just one year later, while working at KATE radio station in Albert Lea, she created the characters of Ethel and Albert.

Featured Photo: Minneapolis Star Tribune

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