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Sharpen Your Math And Listening Skills Via Abbott & Costello’s Lessons

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Nobody explains things any better than do Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. This one-of-kind duo will keep you smiling as they share a math lesson. Now pay close attention to the teachers, and keep your eyes on the board to gain new math skills that you never learned in school in “7×13=28:”

Not only are Abbott and Costello educationally entertaining in the classroom, but they can also teach us something about cash exchanges. Now that you understand the principles of multiplication and division, let’s move on to making change in this hilarious demonstration called “Two Tens for a Five.”

As everyone knows, keen listening skills are key in the road to success, just as patience is a virtue when one’s spoken explanation is not getting through. Watch as the guys keep us in stitches while discussing the management of a baseball team. As things begin to heat up between the dynamic duo, the ensuing banter flows with a talent that remains unmatched even today. Hats off these masters of comedy!

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Feature Image: Abbott and Costello

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