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Bugs Bunny Celebrates 75th Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Bugs! America’s favorite, floppy-eared hero is now three quarters of a century old.  His official debut took place on July 27, 1940 in the Merrie Melodies short “A Wild Hare,” voiced by  legendary voice actor Mel Blanc.  You can view the start of his illustrious career here:

The Wild Hare-Episode 5 Warner Bros.

But that’s not all folks, because unknown to many, Bugs actually had a “sneak peak appearance” in “Elmer’s Candid Camera,” another Merrie Melodies cartoon that ran in March of the same year, in which he was known only as “Happy Rabbit.” Check out his humble beginning:

Elmer’s Candid Camera-Episode 4 Warner Bros.

Just because Bugs has now attained the ripe old age of 75, don’t think it will slow him down. Bugs Bunny is still going strong, and ready to face anyone or anything with his carefree attitude and his hilarious antics.  And, the ever-talented Mr. Bugs is also celebrating another anniversary as a part of the record-setting orchestra-and-film concert that began an entirely new genre of symphony orchestra concerts.

Premiering as “Bugs on Broadway” in 1990, the show was revamped in 2010 as “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony,” and again in 2013, as “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony II.”  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the production, an Anniversary Celebration tour will be going from Coast to Coast across the entire North American continent during 2015 and 2016. Get A taste of the show below. (For more information visit Warner Bros.)

Warner Bros. presents BUGS BUNNY AT THE SYMPHONY II #3

On a final note, we briefly checked in with Elmer Fudd, (who is also getting up there in years). When asked for his thoughts about Bugs celebrating his 75th birthday while remaining the epitome of a healthy rabbit, he muttered some unintelligible nonsense, but we did make out the words “dang wabbit.”

Feature Image Photo: Blogspot

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