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Red Skelton “Dukes” It Out With John Wayne In Head To Head Comedy Skit

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With these two old codgers going at each other, anything could happen. But in this case, they’re just rustlin’ up some good, clean fun. Watch this rare footage of ole Red and the Duke preparing to take each other down:

“The Red Skelton Hour” (1969) “John Wayne’s 40th Anniversary or Hominy and True Grits” Season 19, Episode 6


johnwayne-redskelton                                    Photos: CountryRebel.com


Spanning across six decades, funny man Skelton’s career encompassed all forms of media, with Red attaining stardom in everything from burlesque, to radio, to television. He received a number of awards including two Golden Globes and three Emmy’s, as well as an American Comedy award.

Skelton’s hilariously outstanding comedic routines even earned him an invitation to the White House, where President F.D. Roosevelt was so taken with him that he was annually booked for the President’s Birthday Ball. And Red was also a true patriot, as made apparent is his rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance. See him perform it below. (See the full LA Times Tribute ).

From “The Red Skelton Hour” January 14, 1969


No less accomplished than his partner in comedy, John Wayne’s fifty-year career made “The Duke” a household name. Nicknamed after his childhood dog, the well-loved entertainer and countryman received three Academy Awards, three Golden Globes, two Golden Boot Awards, and four People’s Choice Awards, as well as a number of other recognitions.

Wayne was also presented with a Certificate of Recognition from Boy Scouts of America, and earned a Grammy nomination for his spoke word album “America Why I love Her.” Watch it below. (See johnwayne.com for the lyrics, as well as more on his life and career).

John Wayne – America, Why I Love Her (First released in 1973)

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