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Are You Starving Yourself?

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HungryYou’ve already gone that route – the overly restricted calories, the insane workout schedule. By the time you’re done draining your body of energy, you couldn’t even enjoy the weight loss if you wanted to.

If you diet alongside a man in your life, then you might get worse with your extreme desperation. You’re sitting there seeing him effortlessly lose weight, so you might even get down to 500 calories and a 2-hour workout.

You might see your hair start to fall out if you do this. Your muscles get weaker, not stronger. Your blood pressure plummets to dangerously low levels. You feel weak and can’t muster up the energy to complete day-to-day tasks.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, The Venus Factor Program isn’t about starvation and killing yourself on the treadmill. It’s about looking at one specific hormone in a woman’s body as this huge unused resource – and he shows you how he helped his sister tap into hers.

The system is designed to work over the span of 12 weeks. There isn’t a horrid food restriction list where you can’t have this and can’t have that favorite food. That sets you up to fail right away.

You will find out which foods trigger fat storage – and it’s a surprising list because all you’re thinking is “donuts” or “chocolate,” but you have to understand how your body works – it’s odd which foods it uses to convert into a “fat net” of sorts.

This is more about the one thing you have to add to your body to ignite your metabolism. It’s kind of like firing up a grill – you have the coals already there, but without the match, nothing will happen.

During his research, Barban discovered a Herbal Connection that helps your body use that hormone stored in your body to fight fat. But most women don’t even know about it.


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