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Amalaki – A Fruit That Really Can Keep the Doctor Away!

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For years, health enthusiasts have lived by the age-old motto, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While it’s true that an apple provides ample vitamin C as well as anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral benefits, there’s an even more powerful fruit that contributes to your overall health.

The Amalaki tree, which is primarily found in the tropical areas of Asia, has been cultivated for centuries in gardens and has sprung up as a popular commercial crop that’s grown for medicinal purposes.

The fruit is used whole and as a dried substance in medicinal treatments that provide relief from stress. Its antioxidants have been touted as something far more powerful than what a simple vitamin C found in an apple can provide.

The Amalaki fruit is also used as an anti-inflammatory when the extract is removed from the leaves of the same tree. It provides an anti-fungal and anti-microbial attribute when used topically.

Cancer studies in mice have shown that the Amalaki fruit reduces the effects that cancer cells have on ravishing the body and when used prior to radiation, offers a protective shield to damaging the chromosomes.

During medical studies conducted on rabbits, Amalaki had a cholesterol-reducing effect on rabbits whose numbers were elevated over a 60-day timeframe. This provides overall health benefits to the body’s cardiovascular system as a whole.

Even the digestive system appears to receive positive benefits from the consumption of the Amalaki fruit or its extracts. One study found that the extract reduced inflammation and irritation normally found with digestive diseases.HealthyDirection-VisionEssentials-300x250

Like many other potent antioxidants, the Amalaki fruit contributes to a boost in your immune system. Life-spans in mice subject to tumors increased by up to 25% with the consumption of this extract.

No warnings have been given about the Amalaki fruit to date. It’s been used freely in India for centuries as a medicinal food known for its immense health benefits. Other conditions for which it’s used include constipation, colic, asthma, anemia, gout, and even mental disorders.

Today, you can get the benefits of Amalaki in power or tablet form. From the powder, you can make a tea to drink on a regular basis to get the most health benefits from your daily consumption.


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