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Experience Bach In Classic 1950s Neon

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Experience Bach In Classic 1950s Neon

Iconic German composer Johann Sebastian Bach never saw his name in lights, much less in neon. However, with help from artist Alan Warburton (and technology), not only can you continue to enjoy the soothing genius of Bach’s timeless music, you can also visualize his masterful notes in the classic colors of 1950s neon.

In the 40s and 50s, cities and towns across America shined bright in neon lights, and none were more dazzling than those along the streets of New York City. From movie theaters and coffee houses, to music and jazz clubs, every sense was heightened by experiencing nightlife under the surreal glow of neon.

(Left To Right: New York’s Astor Theater, Maxwell House and Mayflower Doughnuts Coffee Shop,
Time Square’s Club Samoa, Club Downbeat, and 3 Deuces). Photos: Mashable

Today, you can have your own classical 1950s neon experience through Warburton’s expertly crafted CGI animation of Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier” by clicking here:

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