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6 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Filming Locations (Today)

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The legacy of the immortalized romantic comedy lives on – not only in countless fond memories, but also in historical Manhattan architecture.

Based on the novella by Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s will always be remembered for Audrey Hepburn’s outstanding portrayal of the charming gold digger, Holly Golightly, and the powerful performance of George Peppard as Paul Varjak, the struggling writer who is enchanted by the highly attractive minx.

Here are a few of the locations filmed during movie that have stood the test of time:

1) 167 East 71st Street, Manhattan

Would Holly Golightly recognize her Manhattan brownstone today?


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Image via telegraph.co.uk

2) 375 Park Avenue, Manhattan

Where Holly declares, “Oh, I Love New York!” Well Holly, we couldn’t agree more!


Image via davidreport.com


Image via nyc-architecture.com

3) Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park, Manhattan

This is the place where Paul Varjak first encountered Doc Golightly, the “estranged husband.”


Image via Christopher Moloney, cnn.com


Image via shescribes.com

4) Tiffany & Co., 727 5th Avenue, Manhattan

Where we all first met, and fell in love with, Holly Golightly.


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5) New York Public Library, 5th Avenue, Manhattan

The location where Paul autographs a copy of his own book, “Nine Lives,” and later discovers Holly studying up on South America while she plots to run away with José, the rich Brazilian.


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6) Sing Sing Correctional Facility, 354 Hunter St, Ossining, NY

Paul and Holly pay a joint visit to resident Sally Tomato, the mobster who sent coded messages through Holly in the form of odd weather reports. This is the only scene in the movie not filmed in Manhattan.


Image via wikipedia.org


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